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pdn2bmp v0.1 beta


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This is a proof of concept to show

1) that it is possible to deserialize the data in a .pdn file w/o the usage of a .NET framework.

2) that we are able to do the composition of layers w/o Paint.NET

3) that blending modes, opacity and alpha channels are working correctly

This software is in beta state. Because of this we added some white horizontal lines.

The software will be used in plugins for some image viewers/editors.

Zip file in attachment.

Have fun and report bugs ;-)


>pdn2bmp /help

pdn2bmp v0.1 (beta)

Creates a composite image from the layers stored in a .pdn file. Files with

the extension .pdn are used by the digital photo editing application Paint.NET.

© 2011 by Martin Osieka, ComSquare AG, Switzerland

Usage: pdn2bmp {options} <infile>.pdn


/help Show this help text

/pause Pause after execution

/argb Write 32-bit ARGB bitmap (default: 24-bit RGB)


Write bitmap to <filename> (default: <infile>.bmp)


Sets background color (default: white 0xFFFFFF)


Sets second background color to show checkerboard (default: 0xBFBFBF)

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