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Underwater Pictures

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Hi I have just started using Paint.net and I was hoping someone could help. I take a lot of underwater pictures usually quite badly boltbait.smile.png. I am looking for some help in adjusting the colour levels.

Google searching gives me a lot of tutorials for other programs but I am hoping someone would be able to translate them for me into an idiots guide for use on paint.

I am guessing I have to create layers to adjust them properly as just fiddling with the Red on the main image isn't really giving me great results.

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posting some of the images will give people more idea of how to help :)

for help on posting images: http://forums.getpai...es-and-avatars/

Ok thanks. Here are a couple of examples as you can see there is no red in them due to depth and my lack of strobe.


Thanks in advance for any help provided.

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Unfortunately, it is difficult to bring out color that isn't there...I was playing with the channels and all the red I could find was in the white. Anything that (under normal light) would be red was not any redder than what was blue, so I couldn't bring out their redness at all. Hopefully someone else may be able to do better :/

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