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How can I trace Kimidori Emiri and cut her out of the specified image?

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I just learned how to edit existing Winamp skins and change their buttons/backgrounds. I want to create a Winamp skin of Kimidori Emiri using the following image. http://www.bild.me/b...midoriemiri.jpg

How can I trace Kimidori Emiri, in the aforementioned image, and cut her out so that she looks like Hatsune Miku (smooth and not jagged) in the following image? http://www.bild.me/b...hatsunemiku.jpg

Things I have tried:

- I tried two different outline plugins but was unable to get them to work.

- I tried tracing Kimidori Emiri using the line tool but I'm not sure how to delete the rest of the image and it's really difficult to get a smooth cut anyway.

- I tried selecting pixels using the magic wand tool and it was great except the tool ended up selecting pixels that are apart of Kimidori Emiri too.

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SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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The first link helped me understand the magic wand tool more[ I had no idea I could adjust the sensitivity of the tool. By adjusting the sensitivity of the magic wand tool, I was able to successfully use the tool to delete pixels more selectively. I did so and then turned the image into a Winamp skin. At this point, I noticed the image has white jagged edges following the perimeter of the image. The following image is a representation of this: http://www.bild.me/bild.php?file=1885069kimidoriemiriwinamp.jpg

In order to remedy the white jagged edges, I referred to the second link you posted. I downloaded the feather plugin, however, it didn't give the results I had hoped for. It did make the white jagged edges slightly less noticeable but not as much as I had hoped for and at a cost of making the rest of the image blurry.

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DL this plug in pack from DPY it includes th AA assistant plug in to get rid of rough edges, if this doesnt help try feathering at 2px then running AA assistant.If you did not do a good jod of cutting the image out neither may work well enough, try one of the alpha mask tutorials.


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Cool, thanks. I will definitely give your suggestions a try, however, I probably won't get the chance to for another week or so. I have to take the laptop apart and replace the backlight. There's an anime convention next week which I need to prepare for as well. I'll reply after I've had the chance to try your suggestions.

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