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Help in doing shadows

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Was hoping someone could help me to do shadows this is a pic I did for my mum of her 2 dogs at the Grand Canyon.

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The shadows I have done here were done by using the water reflection plug in and just cutting and pasting the reflection in after recolouring. Looks OK but is there another way?Also I blurred the bigger shadow but forgot to do the smaller one and left a bit of the original image in on the back of the bigger dog. Forgot to save the .pdn file :(

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Make sure the shadows match in direction with each other especially, but also with the shadows on the canyon wall (best seen on the piece jutting out just above their heads). I think that would mean it needs to fall a little more to the right and a little closer underneath them. I would suggest you try to draw them in yourself, then blur them so you can't see where you messed up :) Once you finish that, you also need to draw shading on the dogs to try to make their lighting match that of the canyon. If you had saved the .pdn file, I would say you were very close to being done...

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