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How To Create "Aireo" Text


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How To Create "Aireo" Text


Okay, this is my first tutorial, so please bare with me. Okay, this is a pretty simple tutorial, so if Moderators feel like this isn't needed, then feel free to delete or lock this. Paint.Net Experts probably already know this, this is for newbies (like me) Now, back to the tutorial.

Today we are going to make this:


Plugin's Needed:

Okay, First Off, Grab your picture that you want in the text (preferably a big one) and open it in Paint.Net. Make sure that the picture isn't smaller than 400 Pixels by 200 Pixels.


Now, open a transparent layer above the picture.


On the new layer, write your desired text in the middle nice and big, in black.


Now, use the Magic Wand and select all the text.


With the text still selected, click on the layer of the picture and select "Invert Selection" (with the text still selected). Make sure your on the alyer of the Pattern! Now, click delete and it should look like this:


You do not need the layer with the black text anymore, delete it. Once you delete it, you should see the same text except on your desired pattern. Now got to Effects>Object>Outline Object and click. Select your outline color and the thickness of the outline, preferably, similar to the picture below.


Now, go to Effects>Photo>Glow and click. With the sliders, select Radius of 20, Brightness of -100, and a Contrast of 100.


Now, go to Effects>Object>Outline again and use the following settings: Radius of 4 and a Strength of 10.


And you are done! Here is the result following the instructions above:



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So this technique is outlined text with an image inside it, much like this: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/14617-image-in-text/

Before you post tutorials, please take the time to search the forum thoroughly - it might save you a lot of effort.

Your images are also oversized. We have a 800px limit on forum images.

In light of the above points, I suspect you have not seen these: Tutorial Posting Guidelines. Please read through them.

While we appreciate your efforts AirbusA340, this has been done before.


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