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Making Ice Cubes!


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So i have come up with a way to make ice cubes. Or something that looks like it.

Plugins Needed:


Bevel Selection (Not sure if it comes wit paint.net)

Smudge Tool

You Can Find These Plugins Around The Forums

Here is my first attempt at my own concept.


I've noticed i have too many bubbles scattered around and they are too dark, so i fixed those problems in my second, better attempt (the result of this tutorial below)

So, first order of action, make new canvas + fill it with desired color (preferably something light, like blue) and add a new layer:


On that new layer, fill it with black and reduce the transparency to about 50ish. This is so you can see the cube when working with the ACTUAL cube. Oh, and name the layer Shape


Use Shape3D to render the Shape layer into a cube and rotate it how you want. Re-size it a bit so it looks like a cube, and duplicate it.


Name Your new layer Cube and reduce the transparency to 5-10. We kept the the shape layer to let us see the cube, as it's nearly invisible.


Make new layer, name it Outline, and using the line tool (size 2) with white color, outline the entire cube, not just the outside:


Gaussian Blur the outline with a radius of 5.


Now make new layer and render clouds on it with a scale of 115.


Using the lasso tool, select a random white cloud and cut it.


Delete the cloud layer and paste the part you just cut in a new one:


Then use Gaussian blur with radius of 10 on it.


Use the Smudge tool on it to get desired shape and move it under your Outline layer:


Now go back to your Shape layer and use magic wand to select the cube.


Now make a new layer under your Outline layer and render random shape fill with these settings:


Now using the magic wand tool, select the outside of the circles and invert (Ctrl + I).


Use the Bevel Selection tool to make it look like bubbles. Then deselect.


Use Gaussian blur with a radius of 3 on it.


From this point on delete the Shape layer. Make a new layer below the Cube layer and merge the Cube layer down, then merge everything else down.


Copy pasta to your hearts content. You can use the Layer/Flip/Rotate tool to modify the cube so you don't have to redo everything again:


Eh.... It still looks like the first one :(

Maybe you guys can do it better than me?

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