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Picture Cropping Problem

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Hi there.

I want to ask a query about paint.NET:

I have cropped parts of certain photos but I am left with a checkered background. I finally ended up with a white background but I don't want it since I wish to layer this onto another pic. How do I make the part I cut out and cropped the final edge so I can layer this on to something else??


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Hi Bob.

No, the point I am making is that although the checkered section supposedly represents an empty section, in fact, it appears to be impossible to get rid of it. In other words, I wanted to slide something right up close to the part I cropped, but it proved impossible because the supposedly empty section continued to be in the way. Only if I use the rectangle select in Tools can I crop something without this problem, in which case - of course - it is square but if I want to put a sloping shape, the checkered section immediately seems to be activated and I have found no way to get rid of it except that it changes white but still forms the part of the pic which I wanted to cut out!

I cannot find any search facility on this forum but somebody must have asked this question before!!

Anyway, thanks for your comment.

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