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Gimp Plug-In?

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I was wondering if there was a plug-in that enabled the feature to open Gimp Files on Paint.Net? I was just wondering because my friend wanted me to open this Gimp File and edit it, but I'm not familiar with Gimp......

Any help would be highly appreciated!



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As far as I know, there isn't a plugin that will allow you to do that. (By my knowledge at least.) I'm assuming that your GIMP project has multiple layers so flattening the image and saving as a standard image file (.jpg/.png) would allow you to open it in PDN. (But your layers would be destroyed) Or a more painful process would be to save each layer individually and then open them all on a new layer in PDN on the same canvas, somewhat retaining your original project. (I don't know a whole lot about GIMP, but i would assume that would work if it is really necessary.

Best of luck!

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Saving the Gimp file as a PSD would be easier as Paint.NET to read it with the layers using the Photoshop PSD file plugin.


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