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Install stops prematurely problem

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Hi, new to this forum so please don't assume I know where to find things and what you may be talking about!!

I rely on Paint.NET as my image manipulation tool for my business website. I recently wanted to update the program from 3.5.5 to 3.5.8 so I removed 3.5.5 using the Add/Remove programs facility and started to download the 3.5.8 installer.

I extracted the file and ran it. it started the grey popup and progress bar which made it to 100% and I thought all was well. The grey popup then disappeared and the cursor turned to the hourglass a bit indicating that it was still doing something, then a square popup flashed up on screen then disappeared. PC then crashed.

I've tried the same about 5 times, then I tried repairing .net framework to no avail. Then I tried removing framework and turning off the AVG free antivirus. The first popup comes up and runs, then another smaller one comes up when it's finished which says that framework and paint.net need to be installed. It installs framework, but then hangs without installing paint.net. I have tried older versions and the only one which installs at all is 2.1b!!!!

I have no crash file, there's no error messages so I can't tell you much more other than I'm running XP SP3 on a Dell Latitude D600 (underpowered but has run 3.5.5 happily for months before)

I'm stumped. Please tell me I'm missing some magic button or something - replies like: 'just reverse the polarity of the neutron flow' are not very useful to a plumber!!!!

Any suggestions?

Many thanks,


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Check your Temp folder for any files or folders starting with "PdnSetup"

Quickest way to open the Temp folder is to open My Computer and type "%temp%" into the location bar on top then hit Enter.


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