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I love .NET Paint and use it all the time. I often refer friends to download this free application and have been getting reports that the download contained a bunch of spam. I had assumed my friends simply downloaded the wrong product by mistake; however, I now think I know what they were talking about...

Recently I had to download .NET Paint for my new laptop and was SHOCKED to see a GIMP 2 download link confusingly placed inside of the download page for .NET Paint:



Now I don't want to knock GIMP 2 or any advertiser for .NET Paint, but the download page is very confusing for some. Downloading GIMP 2, a paint program, will install a bunch of spam on your computer if you don't know what your doing. What makes things worse is GIMP 2 is a paint program.

That's it. I just wanted to let you all know that some people are being turned off by .NET Paint since their mistakenly downloading GIMP 2... Its a real shame IMHO.


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