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Problem Making Text Outline

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Every time I try to make a outlined text, the actual picture disappears after it renders.

Here is what I do:

1. Open up picture in Paint.net

2. Make new layer

3. Type what i want on the new layer

4. I click effects->stylize->outline

5. adjust the settings

6. Boom, my picture is gone with the text looking gargled.

Picture of what is happening below. What is the correct way of adding outline to text? Why is it that hard to do? I tried the plugins and they do not work.


Thanks in advance.

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Wrong outline effect. Try looking under the Effects/Object menu for "Outline Object" (assuming you have downloaded and installed the plugin: Outline Object v2.6 )

This is not really a Troubleshooting or Bug issue, so I'll move this to the paint.net discussion area.

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