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Paint.Net Hiccupping my Laptop

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I am wondering if anyone else has been having this issue and was wondering if there is a solution for it. I do not get an error report when it happens, but my Toshiba (2.53 Ghz Intel i3, 4 GB ram, Windows 7 64-bit) has been hiccupping when I run Paint.net (this means that when I use paint.net my computer will randomly freeze for about 2 seconds and then resume at light-fast speed in order to catch up). It is a brand new laptop, Meanwhile I was running paint.net easily from my Acer Eee machine netbook, my touchscreen HP, and my BF's Gateway laptop like a charm. I am wondering if there is anyone else out there who is experiencing this. I have been working on pixel art so I highly doubt that it is due to a large file size. I have already returned this Toshiba once, and so this is now the second one that it is doing it on. I just don't understand it and I am about to return this one again and get a different brand. I have yet to try a different paint program to see if this is the issue, and would not know which one to try.

So frustrating! Any suggestions?


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Not a virus, Paint.NET was the first thing I downloaded on this Laptop I just opened. (it seems unlikely)

Again, fans are brand new.

Actually, upon more research it seems that there is a function that allows Toshiba computers to skip a beat because they think you are dropping them... It is *supposed* to help save it in the event of a fall, but happens when the table shakes, the earth turns, you think about it hiccupping.

In otherwords, I'm getting my money back and trying a different brand... so I guess "cry" is the best solution? : P

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