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Installation Issue

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Okay, i've never used these forums before so I'm giving it a try now. I've tried installing Paint.net at least 5 times now all ending up with my computer becoming non-responsive. I currently am running Windows 7 on a brand new laptop. I've installed Paint.net on an older laptop I have that is running Vista. It works fine. The problem I'm having on my other computer is i'll download the ZIP file, open up the installer and run it. The installer gets about halfway done and abruptly stops at one part called, "setup.dlls" or something like that i'm not sure exactly. From this point, the program doesn't respond and the entire system freezes. I can't open my task manager, or do anything. It has forced me to do a hard shutdown every time. If anyone knows anything about this issue or can give me anything to try i would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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Did you make sure to extract the contents of the zip file first? You cant run an install from within the zip file.

Did you make sure you were up to date on M$ .net software?

Did you check to make sure an AV program is not blocking it?

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