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Editing very large tiffs

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I'm trying to find a editor that will allow me to do some basic things with a very large tiff file created from a wide-format scanner. I had hopes that Paint .NET would do it since it seems to support 64 bit. The file I'm trying to edit is 1.7GB uncompressed tiff. Unfortunately, Paint seems to take forever to load (5-10 minutes), even when I have at least that much available memory on my 4GB Win7-64 machine. Are there any tips to conserve memory or to make this possible?


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That's not going to work very well in Paint.NET.

In a future version, yes/hopefully/I'm-making-progress-in-that-area. Certainly not with the latest v3.5.8.

To calculate the minimum memory you'd need to edit that image comfortably, use the following formula,

Width X Height X 4 X 3

Where width and height are in pixels.

x4 because everything is converted to 32-bits per pixel.

x3 because of 1) the contents of the image itself (the first layer), 2) a scratch buffer that Paint.NET uses, and 3) the rendering cache.

If that 1.7gb TIFF is already 32-bits, then you'll need at least 5.1 GB of RAM to work with it. If it's a 24-bit image, then you'll need 6.8 GB ((1.7 / 24) * 32 * 3).

If it's a 1-bit TIFF, get ready to install 163GB of RAM (good luck! :P)

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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