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With the two radial control blocks in the bottom corners it gives me the impression that it's made for a handheld device and those are for use with your thumbs. I think MS has a touchscreen keyboard that is split into two radial sections in the bottom corners like that for use on the UMPC or whatever the heck that handheld computer thing they're selling is called.

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Interesting ideas, although I don't see Paint.NET ever looking like that interface ... I'm definitely interested in how it renders its brushes and stuff and stuff, however.

Paint.Net doesn't have the same interface, but it's also simple and pleasant. :)

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I tried the free version briefly. Some of the brushes don’t work. And there are no layers.

You can go to the homepage and se more. http://www.ambientdesign.com/artragecompare.html

I must say, I am no fan of that interface. I am much more pleased with paint.NET as it is. But I would love some of them brushes in paint.NET.


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