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New here from Corel Photo House 3

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Hi folks,

I've just been recommended to Paint.NET after years of using Corel Photo House Version 3 - a free program I got with a printer and which had become a vital tool for me in image editing and freeform painting work. It was basic, and didn't have features like Layers - but it did all I wanted it to, was user-friendly... and, well... I was just used to it!

Trouble is... it's too old now, and won't work on my new Windows 7 system.

So far, Paint.NET seems to offer most of what I need - but there are a few features that I can't seem to figure out. I've checked on tutorials and Help, but can't get an answer. Can anyone help, please?

1) I can't seem to find a way of getting edge fading on the paint brush and cloning tools - both of which I use a lot. Whatever I try, I just get hard-edge.

2) On the old program, I could open 2 images side-by-side and clone details from one onto the other (i.e. cloning one person's face onto someone else's head, or inserting a person or feature from one photo to another). I've tried this, but can't get side-by-side images. Can I only do this kind of thing through using Layers?

Sorry for being a dumbkopf if the answers are all there in the tutorials. I found my own way around Photo House 3, and it seemed quite an intuitive program... if that makes sense! I've done the same with most of the other programs I use. I've always struggled with tutorials - even the Dummies guides.



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1. To get a faded edge clone tool, expand the color wheel and dial down the transparency option. This trick doesn't work with brushes I'm afraid, but if you search you should find a plugin to let you use custom brushes.

2. I don't think you can clone from one layer to another, or from one image to another. It may be that the best you can do is to open a double wide image and paste the two images in side by side.

Hope this helps a little.

Also: http://www.getpaint.net/search.html

EDIT: Thanks for the fix BB. :)

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If you are looking for professional photo manipulation, I suggest GIMP. It seems much better suited to what you want.

You will find it for different OS's here

Though it takes some time to learn it, it is very very useful, and seems like the more hands-on approach you are looking for.

Paint.net is made primarily for former MS Paint users, and most solutions to those sort of issues are inconvenient at best.

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Paint.net is made primarily for former MS Paint users,

That is a completely false and ridiculous statement.

I guess the edit to Sozo's post means that it is possible to clone from one layer to another?

Yes, you can.


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