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animated gif

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I would have one mor question to this topic, now I have distored the different layers and I wanted to store the gif -> In order to store the gif the layers have to be merged.

My question would be, how you have done the saving of the gif from Paint.net or did you store every extra layer in an gif an than made an animated gif with an extra programm?

Thanks a lot!!


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I still have another question,

My proceeding is like this:

1. I make a copy of the original layer

2. with the sinwave plugin I try to distore the sketch

My problem is that if I distore the image in the copied layer, the distored image overlays the image with the original position -> but I want only to distore the image without the image in the original position

Does anybody have any idea what I am doing wrong?



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if you are using the PDN plugin for animated giffs, you put each distort in a seperate layer-ignore the "overlay" look because when you are finished, it will read each layer in sequence and you will have no overlay in the animation

however, it is questions like this that make me prefer to make each distort a seperate gif file and then animate them using Unfreeze - another free program

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