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Tweak transparency (no longer in Red ochre pack)

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Hello, this plugin is designed for use on transparent layers such as text layers or an 'ink sketch' on a transparent background,(where it can thicken the outline).

A blur can be applied, then there are various ways to change the transparency within the maximum and minimum values and the overall transparency.

Additionally you can select which colours to apply to the blur, (best set the primary and secondary colours first).

It can create 'outline', 'bevelled' or 'shadow/halo' type effects, but since it relies on the change created by the blur it does not require text to be selected, as it works on the whole layer.

This is what it looks liketh_Tweaktrans2screenshot.jpg

Tweak transparency is no longer in my plugin pack but is still attached here though.


I hope you enjoy it

23rd August 2011 - I have re-written this plugin.

It is now much easier to blend 2 colours to create some interesting text effects.

Edited by Red ochre


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