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Recolouring a .dds file for a Morrowind Mod

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I'm completely new to this application, but was directed here after asking around!

My question is...

I have a Morrowind mod which adds different faces. I love the models, but one of the faces has dark, dark purple lips and I would have loved to make them a more suitable skin-toned colour for the race. But I'm uncertain how to do recolouring. And to make it look nice. Any tutorials? It's a small modification, so I'm hoping it won't be far too advanced! boltbait.tongue.png

Any help is appriciated!

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If you used the "conditional hue/saturation" plugin, you may be able to change it in one step, but you might also end up with some sharp edges and unwanted splotches depending on the picture. You could also try adding a new layer, painting over the lips, and playing with layer blend modes (in layer properties)

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