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How to make a glow / light reflect off a face?

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I have this little mini project I want to do, It's a picture of my friend and I with Navi (Zelda) in our hands, bascially the effect I want to cast is Navi's blue light reflecting off our faces,

I want the glow to look like that and was wondering if it would be possible to do this in Paint.net, and also if it would be possible using Google images to put Navi in there? Thanks C: Edited by Ego Eram Reputo
Edited thread title.
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Hi Necrophine, welcome to the forum.

Please take the time to read our Forum Rules, especially #6 - thread titles must be descriptive. You'll see that your thread title "Hello" is one of the ones that are specifically forbidden.

The reason for this rule is that users use the thread title to find information on the forum. "Hello" tells us nothing about the content of the thread, so it's useless as a search term.

Tell you what: I'll rename the thread title for you, IF you promise to read the rules. Deal?

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