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Rough Paper/Papyrus

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


This is incredibly simple, hardly a tutorial more of a "Dude, check this out", however there are a few prerequisite plug-ins and I kinda enjoy reading tutorials to find new techniques so why break the flow.

Required Plugins: Lattice, Dents (Although I think that's integrated into PDN now)

Step 1: Get an empty canvass and use the "Lattice" plugin (it's under 'Render')

Step 2: Use the "Dents" plugin and set the bars called "Roughness" and "Tension" all the way to the right

Step 3: Your done. lol Effectively you're done, but you have a few options. You can mess around with the other bars, like "Refraction" and "Quality", both give different results. Changing "Scale" doesn't really do anything positive to the effect in my experience. I'd suggest putting an Overlay of a yellowish color if you want to make it more papyrus looking, but as it stands it's definitely a rough paper.

Here are some results, I didn't bother to do that yellow overlay because I'm tired and I think that's easy enough for anyone to do on their own.


Roughness and Tension are maxed out


Roughness and Tension maxed out, as well as Quality set to 5

Subtle difference in smoothness (obviously(lol irony))

Edit: After staring at it longer, I bet you could throw some blue overtop and it would make a nice Jeans pattern, no?

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simple, effective, sweet. played around with it, adjusted brightness/contrast then auto level and came up with a nice black denim. added sepia to that and have burlap. with a little experimenting this could do just about any weave fabric

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It sorta does look like jeans...

Hidden Content: yup...definitely jeans


Definitely denim. That's really neat

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