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Straightening crooked objects?

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I wear glasses and in most pictures I'm in, my glasses seem to be crooked and not aligned with my eyes correctly. I wanna know if it's possible to straighten them. I've tried selecting them within a new layer and using the Rotate/Zoom tool, but that doesn't help. Any suggestions on what to do?

Also, if Paint.net isn't capable of doing this, is there another free image editing program that is?

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always best to give us an image to see exactly what you are talking about.. can you post one for us?

Sure, http://i51.tinypic.com/10ejza8.jpg. As you can see, one side is aligned correctly while the other is not (it's a problem with my frames which I'm trying to get adjusted). My goal is to move it so that the crooked portion is fixed, if it's possible.

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It is a little hard to do this kind of correction on photos like this, especially it is not very clear.

so the best way, as I think, is to take your camera and go out side in the sun, set it up on a tripod, or ask someone to help you,

and you stand in the same position to the sun "as it is in the photo", then snap few photos of your face, of course wearing same glasses but aligned well this time,

then open the new photos, and cut the most matching face carefully and paste it on the original photo, and adjust the colors and lighting, contrast....etc.

I do that some times and got very good results every time.

Check this tutorial.

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