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Questions (that my be a request)

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I just found out about paint.Net today.

I find it far better than GIMP or Photoshop for my needs (i'm no professional)

However I was wondering if I had just missed something with the text tool, and if not, then perhaps the dev. team could consider developing for that should they judge it to be worth the gain:

Here is what I was expecting from such a tool (that did not happen)

1. Create a new layer for that text - Which is automatically named after the first few words that are "saved"

2. Possibility to select the text (or go back in the line by clicking to insert more text)

3. Possibility to go back and change font/color of previously written text (even in a self created layer, it was not possible)


User makes a spelling mistake and realizes it just after having formatted the text

User wishes to make a correction

User must delete his work and redo it to correct the text. (And if it was not in a layer, he may cry over it)

Now, is it possible to create a plugin that modifies how the Text tool behaves or are plugins mainly reserved for effects?

If not, please consider gauging the usefulness of such a feature with other users to hopefully include it in a future release.

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1. everytime you added text it would make a new layer and name it after the text? and when i wanted this text added to a preexisting layer and keep it named whatever i have chosen?

its simple enough to create a new layer before adding text then change the name of the layer

2. may be possible but i dont think so.. this being an image editor and the text feature is realy just another form of image- not a text editor. if the text is on its own layer or even part of another layer that is several images on a transparent background, its easy enough to delete it and replace using the selection tools

3. changing the colour of the text IS already very simple and easy. simply select the text and use any one of the colour changing features in PDN, and we have lots of them: color tint, color filter, conditional hue/saturation, curves, curves+, color balance, color balance+, color mixer,Hue/saturation, hue/saturation+, ect., ect., ect, ect-- you get the point


SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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There is a plugin which allows you to re-edit text on a layer: Editable Text

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