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layer window resising glitch, suggestion

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hello, just pointing out a glitch in paint.net for when you resize the layers window. i put a video up here, as a screenshot wouldn't work in this case

also my friend suggested a feature for some of the blur tools. in the radial blur and zoom blur, it always blurs from the center. could there be a handhold where we could change the center of the blur from in the center of the canvas?

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The problem is that "not letting the bottom scroll bar pop up" is not as easy as you'd think with the way the code is currently written to use the .NET Framework UI controls. In a future release I'm planning to rewrite the Layers window which will fix all sorts of things, make it look better, and add new features. It just doesn't make sense to fix the glitch right now, because who knows what other glitches would be introduced. I've tried fixing it before -- the glitch you see right now is the lesser of several evils, so to speak.

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