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Some Newbie Qs about Paint,.net

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Hi guys

I recently switched from Photoshop to Paint.net. I am not comparing the two at all - obviously I'd expect more from the expensive Adobe package than this excellent free editor.

Still, I have a few performance and technical questions.

1. In Photoshop you can switch to a web pallet, which is more elaborate than the basic tints in Paint.net. I need that pallet again. Stopping short at manually translating all those colours to a new pallet, is there a way to access a similar pallet in Paint.net (or somewhere to download it)?

2. Paint.net seems to have performance issues with large files - A3 at 300 DPI. Even grayscale scans suffer. Most notably the bucket and wand functions really suffer with such large files. Now to be fair, these files are line art with very little gradient and no colour. In fact, at this moment Paint.net appears to be crashing due to a wand function on such a file. Is there something wrong with my copy, are these known issues and is there anything I can do about it?

3. Paint.net seems to save files more like Irfanview than Photoshop. In other words, files are either very big or look a bit bad. For example, I had a line-art file that measured roughly 800x1200 at 100dpi, switched to black and white. But even this file, saved in a Gif, exceeded 300kb. A JPG at 8 left a lot of artifacts and still went over 300kb. At 10 it went over 500kb! Now that is obviously wrong. Is there anything I can do to improve the quality/compression ratios of the files?



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editting a post, like you just did, is the only way for a regular member to get rid of something they said-- if a mod feels the need they can remove a post

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SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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Hello all I am very new to photo editing and I just downloaded paint .net and am clueless. Here is what I am attempting I have a picture that I made on Windows paint and I wish to have labels made of it via Vista print or maybe Kinkos not sure yet dont like the Vista print shipping price to good. The picture I upload must be at 300 DPI how in thhe Paint.net program do I physicaly change the DPI ? Also how do I set the size to around 3"x4"?I mean where in the program do I go to set these things? Once again Ime very new to photo editing can anyone grab me by the hand. Thank you.



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Hi FORD1972, welcome to the forum.

This thread is not a good place to ask supplementary questions, because the original topic wanders off-topic. You are best to repost your question as a new thread (i.e. 'Start New Topic') in the Paint.net Discussion & Questions section. Then you'll get replies directly to your question.

Aside > my first car was a 1972 ford cortina (Mk2)! But that's another story...,

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