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How do you change your background image canvas back to the original size when you started?

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I wanted to combine two images one needs to be fit to the scale of the background image. So basically I followed the instructions.

Open up your background layer which was 800x600 landscape photo.

Then I imported my other image which was 600x800 portrait photo too. Layers -Import from file. I resized it then copied into a new layer. That was fine.

The problem is as soon as the new image is imported, the background image changes so that it only takes up half of the canvas. So now I've got a white area for half of the canvas. I can't seem to change this. Can you help me? It would be much appreciated.


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Hi sawelli and welcome to the forum.

Your first image is 800x600 and you import a second image 600x800 into a new layer. This way Paint.net resizes the canevas without notification to fit with the new size. It only need to increase the height to 800. So the new size is 800x800. And the image is imported at the top-left corner. Also if your screen resolution isn't enought Paint.net makes a zoom out to let you see the entire canevas...

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