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magic wand

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Hey folks,

I really like to work with paint.net and happy that I found this forum to get informations.

I'm just working on a flyer for a party and I like how the picture looks like after clicking on the picture with the magic wand.

Now the question if I can save that picture with that looking someway?

I could use the print button, yes but then I lose the quality of the pic.

Thanks for answers and greetz from germany

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let me see if ive got this right- you want to be able to print the picture with the area selected by the magic wand still hi-lighted?

you could take a screen shot (Print Screen) of the image while hi-lighted, paste (ctrl-v) that to a new image-expanding the canvas size-, then crop the extra away till you have the basic flier left


SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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