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Copy and Paste Text?

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Hello. I'm absolutely loving my paint.net! There's only one thing more I'd like to have included but I don't know if it's possible. I'm an atrocious speller, probably with an undiagnosed case of dyslexia or something and typing a long passage of text onto a paint layer without a spell checker takes me forever. Either a spell checker in the paint program it's self or the ability to copy and paste would rock my world. I'll pay 20 million dollars (in Monopoly money) to anyone who creates a plugin or whatever is needed to accomplish this task. Any advice will be more than appreciated. Thanks.

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You can indeed paste text. To do so, simply copy your text to the clipboard, click on the canvas with the text tool to activate the caret, and paste. That way, you can type up your content in a document editor to take advantage of spelling/grammar checking, then copy/paste it into Paint.NET and format your verified text for presentation.

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Hallelujah!!! Thank you very much crazy Dan. I can't believe I've used this program for several years and never figured that out. All this time I thought it wasn't possible because it doesn't work with a right click. You have to use the paste option under file. This program and you guys rock!

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