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Floating digital images


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I have been using Paint.net for quite some time and it is really powerful. I do a lot of photography and use the effects to improve my digital images however I have been searching for some time for some frames for my photos that make the images look more like realistic photos that have been printed. I have finally created a layers base image that I can drop my photo into to give the effect of my image floating above off the screen.

Is there a way to give a more 3 dimensional look to the image so it appears more like an actual printed photo floating above the page?

Here is an example:


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I used average blur on the layer under the photo which is nothing more than a square of dark gray material. Average blur softened it to eliminate the defined line and the upper right hand and lower left hand corners really give it some 3 dimensional characteristics. Sure wish I could get the same effect in the upper left hand corner. Currently this is set up on layers which requires me to resize my original image and then drop in into the middle of the layers. If I knew how to program code I would turn it into a frames effect and have the computer automatically do this for me but for now I will just do it manually.

Do you think this looks better?


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