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Pulling away effect?

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Is there some way I can make a picture look like it's going away from you? Similar to what Bulge does, but on a horizon, and affecting the whole picture, or affecting in a gradient-like manor. I probably don't make any sense, but if you think you have an idea of what I'm asking, please ask to clarify. xD

Thank you in advance!

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Visually, Not really. But, think this way. I make a surface of water, taking up the canvas as if I'm looking down at it. I want to move it so that I can see the horizon of the ocean, understand?

Or I want to push the picture a certain way: I take a person sitting on something that's angled and I want to set them on something similar, but I can't create the "bench" at the right angle, can I adjust that?

Mainly, can I push one part of the picture away, and/or angle it?

Sorry, not the best with explaining and all my projects I needed it with, I deleted. :/

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