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Yet another Plugins/Effects issue... (very sorry)

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I realize this is a basic FAQ but I'm only a few days old in discovering the wonders of Paint.NET and have never done any sort of file/image editing (is that what you call it?) previously so you can assume I'm a total neophyte. Long story short, I've had no problems whatsoever with using the program until I decided to entertain Plugin territory. I wanted to outline my texts in white or color since the Outline effects tool offered with the program only allowed me to play with intensity and thickness (and tended to frustratingly change my text's colors?). I watched endless youtube tutorials to prepare me, went to the rec'ced site for downloading plugins, downloaded the "Outline Object" plugin(with the cool round color palette) I'd been searching for, but upon attempting to transfer the .dll file to the Program Files(x86)>>Paint.Net>>Effects folder, I realized the plugin was already there. So I replaced it just in case and reopened paint.NET but couldn't find it. I searched the troubleshoot pages here and other in other places to try and find what the problem was. I looked in the Effects sub-menus, adjustments, but it didn't show up.

This led to the bigger problem that I apparently (when I paid close attention to what exactly was in my Paint.NET's Effects' folder (in my program files), had a whole bunch of effects that just never bothered to show up in the Effects drop-down list (like Feather, Align, etc). I see all those people in the tutorials with these massively long Effects down-down menu and sigh with envy. All I keep seeing no matter how many plugins I download is this:

Untitledpicture.png Just the standard options it came with. I've checked the sub-menus obsessively just to make sure I didn't skip over anything. And I've read what goes into filetypes so I did check that too.

I don't know if it has anything to do with Vista(??) or this particular version of PdN (v3.5.8) which I highly doubt but any suggestion would be deeply appreciated. Can someone tell me what it is I'm doing wrong or not doing at all? Should I just uninstall the program and download an older version to test it out?

If this has been asked/resolved repeatedly, I'm very sorry for bringing it up again. I'm just a little desperate as I can't seem to find the solution. That or I'm just that dumb.

Thank you in advance!

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Random guess. Did you really copy the effect files to "Program Files (x86)\Paint.NET\Effects"?

Because Paint.NET should never install there but rather to "Program Files\Paint.NET". So maybe you copied stuff to the 32-bit(x86) folder instead of the proper 64-bit folder.


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