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My first paint attempt


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I just thought I'd show the results of my first attempt at designing my own labels for my home brewed ales. I have to thank those that helped

Me figure out some of the layering problems I was having. I found out quickly that the image or part thereof must be saved unaltered first.

Then sized & put in place. Then artistic endeavors can commence. I used a piece of a stock image off the net to place in my artwork.

Now if I had a light pen & pad,it might be easier to use the paint brush,etc. But,anyway,here it is;

see me here

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a good first work

i would suggest learning about/using the AAs assistant and the feather plug-ins, these help remove the jaggedness on curves and cutouts.. working at triple size then using resize to make it the intended size will also help with this


SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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My attenmpt to this, just to give you some tips:


1. Except if it is what you want, leave the background transparent instead white (in case you need to print on non-white paper...)

2. Work with a large image (ex:1500x1500) to keep more details and less pixels steps...

3. Use the align plugin to center each frames all together.

4. Use the ellipse tool to draw the moon instead pencil, or the shape3d plugin... And the dark side of the moon can't contain any star!

5. You could also use stock image for the brushes/plants/grass...

6. Be sure the images/fontes are free to use in commercial way... (copyright matters!) or take yourself the picture if it is possible at a zoo...

7. I've added some color and shine to the eye for better effect (IMO).

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