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Adjusting a selection

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When I select a rectangle, can't I tweak it by making it a little larger or smaller or by moving it?

In all other programs that I know, the rectangle would have little handles on all sides and in the corners. Clicking on one of these would allow me to resize the rectangle. It would also have a little 'move' icon in the middle. Clicking on this would allow me to move the entire rectangle.

As a newbie to Paint.net I can't believe that this doesn't exist. What am I missing?

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yes... the "move selection" tool. this is the WHITE arrow in the tool window. the BLUE arrow is the "move selected pixel" tool, which allows you to manipulate the area you have selected

the little handles/nodes will appear when these two tools are engaged .grabbing the corner node and holding shift will allow you to resize the selection while maintaining the original h/w ratio, left clicking and hold anywhere inside the selection allows you to move it, using right click and holding will allow you to rotate the selection on its center

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