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Background doesn't show below transparency

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I have an image of a cursor and the background is transparent. When I copy that image over to another image which has only one layer (the background), the transparency for the cursor image cuts out the area that it overlaps, rather than showing the background of the other image below it. What is the issue here and how do I get the desired behavior?

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A slightly more verbose explanation:

The image you are copying carries the transparency with it when you copy. So when you paste it, the image (including the transparent bits) overwrites the layer you already have.

Rick suggested using layers. Bingo!

1. Create a new layer above your background :AddNewLayer: .

2. Paste your transparent image into this layer, and the transparent bits will allow the background layer to show through.

Find out more: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/WorkingWithLayers.html

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