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Suggestion: Re-open these tabs

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This isn't something that would make it in for 3.0. The goal for 3.0 is to implement and stabilize the MDI functionality, and to then collect feedback that can be applied to UI and workflow improvements. In other words, the goal is not perfection :) What you're asking for sounds like it would be better suited as part of a "workspace" feature (or it would be built on top of it). Example, "open these 5 images and group them together in a workspace called Whatever". Then those 5 images could be recalled by loading the workspace called "Whatever." However, that essentially adds another dimension of navigation and organization to the UI, so it may not make sense to add this as part of Paint.NET.

By "dimension" of organization and navigation, think of it this way. An image by itself is two-dimensional. When you add layers, that is something of a third dimension (width X height X layers). With MDI, we now have a fourth dimension of navigation. Workspaces would add a fifth. One reason I implemented MDI as tabs instead of as sub-windows (ala Photoshop) was to vastly reduce the amount of organization work that was forced on to the user. Photoshop's MDI adds 3 dimensions to navigation and organization because an image can be at any X,Y location and at any Z window order. In Paint.NET it is just 1-dimensional 'strip' of images.

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