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How do I edit a photo like this?

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How do I edit a photo like this?

I'm curious. It looks cool.

Can Paint.net do this? :O

What about this one?

Like, making the edges of the pictures fade away/transparent?

Ohh, and does anyone know how to make stuffs like this one?

I think paint.net can't open gifs, but still.. how do I do that awesome thing? Doing that kind of an edit?

By using adobe photoshop? only that? D: What?

So sorry if I'm asking TOO MUCH.

Lol I just envy those who can do those kind of stuffs,so.. yeah.

Please answer me.

You can only answer the questions that you know as long as you can teach me something new.

Thank you.

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When you want to slice off a corner of a photo I find it easiest to use the Line Tool to section off the part you don't want. Set the width to 5, and draw a white line completely across the photo. Then select the part you don't want with the Magic Wand tool and press the delete key. You may need to adjust the sensitivity of the Magic Wand so you can completely delete the part you don't want. Then use the Magic Wand to select the white line, and delete it.

The easiest way to fade the edges of photos is to use Fade Edge found HERE But, this only works on a square or rectangular canvas. If you want to fade the edge of an irregular shape use Feather, found under Effects>Object. This is more subtle even when set to 10, so repeat the effect 3 to 5 times, or until you are satisfied. The Feather plugin can be found HERE.

Below is a collage of three pictures. I used Fade Edge on the photos of the blue flowers and the white. The yellow flowers are cut out using the Line Tool, and the edge was softened using Feather. Each was copied and pasted onto a separate layer of a new canvas so I could play with the images until satisfied with their placement. The background was colored with a simple diagonal black/white gradient.


Sorry, I don't have any experience with animated gifs.

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SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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