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Color Palette - Color Description?

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Is there any way with 3.5.8 to name the color inside the palette so the selected color name will display somewhere in the palette (if a name exists)? If not, then as a feature request for version 4; when the user hovers over the color with their mouse cursor, a small pop up will display at the cursor tip with the color name listed in a palette file comment. This feature would allow for quick color selection by name for projects that are color name specific/customer color specific. The current process of referencing a palette text file RGB code list with commented description, then entering the required RGB codes for each color needed can be a bit time consuming for larger projects.

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while i like the idea of being given the code when you hover over a colour in the palette, i dont realy see a need for it, since you can customize your palette with the colours you want-where you want them. unless your short term memory is even worse than mine, remembering that the green you are using is 4 over and three down(or whatever) should be fairly simple. that, combined with the colour picker tool, lets you get the right colour everytime

also, there are so many possible colours that naming them would be nearly impossible unless you worked for crayolaboltbait.tongue.png


SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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Nice idea, but there are a couple of other things that i would rather have in 4.0 than this. But yea if Rick got the time it could be nice boltbait.roll.png



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So go use Paint.Net before it's to late!

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; Paint.NET Palette File

; Lines that start with a semicolon are comments

; Colors are written as 8-digit hexadecimal numbers: aarrggbb

; For example, this would specify green: FF00FF00

; The alpha ('aa') value specifies how transparent a color is. FF is fully opaque, 00 is fully transparent.

; A palette must consist of ninety six (96) colors. If there are less than this, the remaining color

; slots will be set to white (FFFFFFFF). If there are more, then the remaining colors will be ignored.


















;Sky Blue




So if the above is loaded as the current palette, hovering over color FFfce94f gives the tooltip "Butter". I like.

Of course no comment, no tooltip. There might also need to be some sort of limit to the number of characters.

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I like the idea! It could be very useful for custom palettes.

On the other hand, after one has been working on the same project and with the same palette for a few hours, the tooltips could get very annoying.

So, I propose to whoever has the knowledge/skills/time/inclination/will to implement such a wonderful feature, to consider a lag of, say, two seconds before the tooltip pops up.


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