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Command Line deployment not working

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We're trying to deploy the latest version of paint.net, but it doesn't work with the command line switches given in the unattended install documentation. We've extracted the MSIs and tried using the 32bit msi and if we put AUTO in the switches, the 'how to use MSIEXEC command line' help window pops up, and without auto it displays the install GUI. Below is the command line script we are trying to use.


That is right out of the unattended documentation, so WTF is going on?

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/auto is a command-line switch for the installer, not the MSI. If you are using the MSI, then you are effectively already using /auto.

In general, you should only use the MSI if you are using AD/GPO deployment. Otherwise, it is much simpler to just run the installer with /auto.

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