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Wrong colors after changing background

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i have a gadget on my windows 7 desktop post-83289-130561476669_thumb.png.

now i changed the background to transparent using paint.net, latest version.

for some reason some of the colors (/text and icons) became a sort of rosa color post-83289-130561477568_thumb.png.

can anybody give me some advice, why this happens and how i can get rid of it?

many thank for your help.

edit: i have the same problem with another gadget post-83289-130561548667_thumb.png

edit1: here is what i did...

1. open the picture in paint.net

2. changed in the layerproperties the opacity from 255 to 122

3. saved the picture as 32-bit png file

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My hypothesis is that the gadget program is expecting the PNG to be stored in "premultiplied alpha" format. Paint.NET -- and in fact the PNG specification itself -- only uses "straight alpha". I'd look into the documentation (wherever that is) for the gadget stuff to see if it mentions anything like that.

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thanks for your answers.

it seems that the problem lies with the gadget itself and how they are build (how the background pic is shown).

i'will investigate and if i find a solution, i will post it here.

c u.

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