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right click bug

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hello, I've had paint.net open for a day or two now (I keep it open, so I can edit images quickly) I've had two images open for most of the time, and now, whenever I right click to draw with the secondary color, Paint.Net behaves as if I'm clicking and dragging with the left mouse button.

this is happening with ALL tools.

the specifics of this behavior are:

secondary click-and-hold, move mouse around: no response from Paint.Net (no activity is shown, nothing is selected, nothing is drawn, no lines are made)

release secondary mouse button, move mouse around: Paint.Net behaves as if the primary mouse button is held down (selection rectangle resizes | with selection: moves, does not rotate, selection; pencil and pen draw lines with primary color; line tool colored with primary color, extends, contracts, and rotates)

secondary click-and-hold again: response from Paint.Net (does *not* change previous selection state, *does* place line tool into curve editing mode)

I'm not sure how helpful this bug report is, but I've checked in MSPaint that my left/right click buttons are working properly, and they are.

I'm using Paint.Net 3.5.8, with .Net framework 4.0 on Windows 7 SP1, and a Microsoft Sidewinder Laser Gaming mouse, driver version 8.15.403.0

You know the place.

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Check your mouse settings. It sounds like you have a custom setup applied to the buttons.

I suspect this beacuse you state that it "happens with all tools" and you're using a gaming mouse (therefore highly configurable).

If there is a "standard' or 'default' setting, try that.

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checked that (was the first thing I had checked) and.. actually, I hadn't checked the program specific settings. I *just* checked those; that was what the problem was. thanks EER :D . I'm going to see if there's a way I can disable this stupid macro button

You know the place.

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