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Hide and reveal steganography images

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After I saw BoltBait's

Steganography plugin (link) I thought that It's a pity that it can hide and reveal only 1 and 3 bit images. So I tried to write my own with more options.

In zip file are 2 dlls:

- Hide image.dll - to hide image

- Reveal hidden image.dll - to reveal hidden image

How to use:

- both plugins:

- - Red/Green/Blue/Alpha bits - number of bits to use to hide / reveal image.

- Reveal hidden image:

- - Hidden image file name - name of image file to hide.

Both are in Effects > Steganography submenu.

Example image (with hidden image):


And how it was hidden:

And how to reveal it:

Feel free to ask for anything (source code...).

Icons are Copyright © Yusuke Kamiyamane. All rights reserved.

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I'm too lazy busy to download and test. Show me some screenshots of it in action.

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