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REQUEST: I need no-cost software to save JPG/GIF/BMP as WMF.

REASON: If my software is successful, there will be plenty of people who will need to convert JPG to WMF and won't want to pay for it.

BRIBERY: If anyone accepts this responsibility I would be willing to donate $50-100 to him/her (permission pending) or to the organization.

BACKGROUND: I know, I know... WMF is old school. Just hear me out... I'm developing a database manager, free of charge, for a club called Sons In Retirement. This club keeps the member's application forms on file. My club has 200+ members and there are thousands of clubs through-out the USA. My database can display other file types, but it can't scale them. it can only scale the WMF files.

So think about this, if someone was to make this software save in WMF then, when I distribute my software, I will put in a link for my users to go here to get software to convert the scanned JPG applications into WMF.

Thanks for your time and efforts.

And yes, I'm a paint.net user.

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