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Making Wallpapers

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Hello - I just joined and this is my first post. Actually I have not even downloaded the Paint.net program yet - have to wait till I get home from the office. Thought I would ask if the program is pretty user friendly for creating wallpapers, and if there is a "template" for it. I will want to create some "wide-screen" format wallpapers, so wondering what dimensions those usually are - should I assume that is determined by the actual dimensions of my monitor??? Free -floating questions from a newbie..!!!


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Very user friendly boltbait.wink.png

Check out your monitor size here http://www.screenresolution.org/ and you can create a new canvas to whatever size.

If by template you mean a tutorial ? This is a good starting point http://forums.getpai...ect-by-request/ and Madjik put together something here http://forums.getpai...post__p__352995

Look through the galleries and I'm sure people will willingly answer questions to how to's

Have fun boltbait.big_smile.png

by template I really meant a pre-made format for a wallpaper - into which we place our own elements and then save....maybe thats asking too much or making it too easy...Hey thanks for those links - will check out.

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Paint.net isn't provided with any picture but each picture you have could be used as a background (or front image) for the wallpaper you're thinking of!

Up to you to resize and/or crop the canvas to the needed size.

For my widescreen I usually choose as size of 1600x900 (16/9 screen) so you really need to know the ratio of your own screen...

As a basic start you could create some background using effects in the texture menu. For this you need my pack of plugins ;)

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