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Do some abstract V3


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download the PDF


This looks like a journey in the colorful paths of painting with

gradients and some dents distortions. It is a simple sample of using

the gradient with one opaque color and one transparent color.

The only effect used is the built-it dents. There is only one layer

in this basic version but you could experiment the blend modes to

obtain even more amazing results.


My definition:

An abstract picture is something that looks like nothing, but it is

still nice to look at or so intrigating...

So this is only a guide to process and you must fill free

to use other effects or settings to create your own abstract art.


My example:

V3 (this tut)



V2 (link)



V1 to remind you...



Needed plugins:

- none - :)


My tutorial:

01. 🆕 create a new image (800 x 600).

Go to Adjustments/Inverte colors to have it black.



02. Set the colors:


- 1. On the colors windows click on the "More >>" button to open the

detailled version.

- 2. Set the Transparency - Alpha to zero.

- 3. Click on the double arrows to switch primary/secondary colors.


03. Choose the colors:


- 1. Be sure the mode is set to primary: each click on a color list

or on the wheel is affecting the primary color and so the secondary

doesn't change and remains transparent.

- 2. Click a light color in the color list, example: orange.


04. Draw some gradients:


- 1. Click on the gradient tool.

- 2. Choose a gradient mode (except the first simple linear),

example: reflected linear.

- 3. Click on the drawing area and drag to place 1-5 gradients. You

could change the color and the gradient mode as you feel it.

(If you want to change the color for another gradient, then first press Enter to finish the active gradient.)


05. Distort the image:

Go to menu Effects/distort/dents and set the values as here:


You should see the distortion on the image. You could click on the

Reseed button to change the random distortion till you find

something you like...


06. First distortion example:

As the Dents is a random effect each result should be unique

so your image must be different!



07. Draw some more gradients:

- 1. Choose another primary color.

- 2. Draw some more gradients, and test other gradient mode...



08. Second distortion example:

Previous effect is still in memory so you could rerun it by pressing

Ctrl+F as we don't need to change any value.

(or you could go to menu Effects/distort/dents to re-open the dialog

box and play with the Reseed button...)

(or you could play with Ctrl+Z to undo and Ctrl+F to re-run...)



09. More gradients in white:

Adding white or black colors gives some relief aspect…



10. With the associated distortion (Ctrl+F):



11. More gradients in black:

The dents effect is moving the image up. If you place the gradient in

the upper part of the image you won't obtain a good result...

And you should put the new gradient over the most representative color

to try to balance the general aspect.



12. With the associated distortion (Ctrl+F):


Don't repeat too much these steps as the dents effect will finish to

destroy the first gradients...

Between 2 and 6 distortion gives good results. More will have a quality loss.

If you want to restart from scratch, select the black color and

right-click on the image without dragging: the gradient tool will fill

the whole image with black.


End of tutorial

Enjoy and let me see your abstracts...


More examples:










Ok but what for?

These kind of abstracts could be used as texture or background.

With more work using some plugins you could create undersea scenary or planets...




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I did this three times. So...better show the best result (I think.)




By following the tutorial and adding some personal touch-ups (if that's what they're called.)


(Note: If this isn't the same image, sorry. I don't remember which one I posted here.)

Edited by Beta0
Re-linking images

(Please, be careful. Some of the sites I'm on might not be family-friendly. 😱 )

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Thank you MadJik for taking the time to replace the missing images. I've added a link to the PDF version.

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