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Home screen Wallpaper

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I have an ipod touch 3rd generation 8gb, So it doesn't have the option to set a home screen wallpaper. I don't want to jailbreak it though, because even though that is legal now, I don't want to take chances with ruining my ipod. So basically there are these tutorials on the internet telling you how to enable that feature without jailbreaking, by using a program called iBackupBot, where you can edit the backup files of an ipod touch. Now, it works, it's just that in order to actually change the wallpaper to something else, you have to change the homescreen.jpg file to the image you want. (it's a little hard to explain) So I go in and export the homescreen file, and replace it with a different picture. But I can't import them back in! And the reason is because with the 4.2.1 ipod, the homescreen and lockscreen files aren't jpg's, they're .cpbitmap files. And I can't import them back in! Now, I know that the way I'm explaining it is kinda hard to understand what I'm talking about, but if anyone has had this issue before, please tell me if you were able to fix it.

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