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Is it possible to blur or fade just one side of a picture?

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Hi there,

I'm not sure if I am using the right terms here, but I want to blur or fade just one side of a picture to help it to blend into a new header image....

I don't want the picture to look as if it has just been stuck on top of the background....It must look as if it's an integral part of the background.... the picture has a very defined, dark "hard" edge

and I would like to "soften" it ....is that possible???

What techniques are available to integrate a picture into a header background?

Are there any specific tutorials available that you can point me to?

Appreciate your help...



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Gradient set to transparent should work for you. Not sure there is a specific tute for that but maybe look through the help files? Also try Feather (plugin available form the Plugin Thread).

Hi BarbieQ,

Thanks for the reply....but I played around with the Gradient and it had no affect whatsoever.....Is there something I'm missing?

The same thing with the Feather option....

But let me explain what I did first:

I took the picture and removed the unwanted parts of it on the right hand side. This meant that the picture had an uneven edge on the right.

So, applying the Feather plugin only affects the canvas edges of the picture and not the uneven curly edge on the right....See image attached......

Is there a way to use the Feather option just on the uneven, curly edge?

Also, how would I use the Gradient in this example?

I have also attached the header with the picture inserted....so you can see why it's only necessary to Feather/Gradient the right hand side.....






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First off, I would recommend making the cut less uniform.

Second, make sure you are using "Object>Feather" not "Selection>Feather"

If you still don't like it, run basic antialias, then AA's Assistant (from dpy's plugin pack)

About the gradient barbie mentioned...

Change the setting to "transparency", not the colors.

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Ok, I've knocked up a bit of a quick tute to see if this is what you are looking for.

:lol: New trick for me attaching a file! Thanks Greg!

Hey Barbieq25,

Brilliant.....thanks for going to the trouble....really helped me to get the steps into the right sequence.

You're a doll.....lol



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