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1. I know you can show/hide the individual floating Tools/History/Layers/Colors by pressing f5/f6/f7/f8. How about adding one key combination to show/hide all of the floating windows the user has open? (f9 seems like a logical choice.) Since you can't drag the image out of the windows' way, that would be very helpful.

2. I know the History window shows the specific Undo operations available, but how about using a similar level of verbosity for the Edit > Undo command? For example, "Undo Move Pixels" instead of just "Undo". It's good to see what you're going to Undo, without having to keep another window open. That should be pretty easy to add, since the History strings are already available.

Thanks, Ander

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RE: f9, not a bad idea. It has already raised and considered (along with f12 - the other candidate):

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