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First, my apologies if I broke any rules. Let me know and I'll fix it.

I started using Paint.net a few months ago when I decided to start illustrating some comic-based rpg material. I've absolutely loved the program and am still in a steep learning curve, but here's the best pic I've created thus far.

I had intended to make the blue panels in his armor "glow" but I haven't figured out a good way to do it (I looked through the forums but ran into more "read the rules" posts than actual useful info). If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve the pic, let me know!

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I agree with Dug. Tutes are a great learning exercise.

My tips:

Start with 4 times the finished size. Gaussian Blur @ 2 so that your image always looks smooth.

Always do as much as you can on a new layer.

Always keep a .PDN file of your work. That way you can make changes more easily. Not to mention re-use bits you really like :D

Save the file as a .PNG because it is a "lossless" format - clearer image.

You've done a really nice job on your first image. The shading is really very, very good - esp on the face. Welcome & I hope to see more of your works!


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Thanks for the tips! I had seen the tuts for glass buttons but had never thought they might work for what I was trying to achieve but I stand corrected! Once I get some time I'll polish up the fella.

Here's another I did for someone who was creating an eco-warrior native american who could turn into a hawk, aka Redtail...


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Here's a villain named O'Conner, an Irish revolutionary of course!

I found the Metallize plugin and it's awesome! I used it on her armor then ran the Ink Sketch function over it. Honestly it looked pretty good without the Ink Sketch, but I really like the background and it goes together better this way I believe!

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Thanks guys! I was definitely aiming for the comic book vibe, so I guess it's coming through!

Here's one I just submitted for a fantasy rpg book that's coming out. I had to submit it in grayscale, so the coloring on this one is an afterthought and half-hearted. It took me forever to figure out how to get a scaley texture without drawing every darn scale, but i think this turned out pretty well and the author was happy. Any suggestions on how to get a more realistic scale texture would be appreciated!

Hope you enjoy...


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For the scales I used add noise, then gaussian blur, maybe crystallize? then dent. Sorry I can't be more specific, I really need to start writing down some of the textures i use so I can duplicate them more easily!

Here's a female superhero that I was working on when I accidentally changed the background to black, completely changing the direction of the illustration. I like it though, so I thought I'd share it. Enjoy!


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