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Kerning Bug

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I was doing some work on a previous graphic, and just could not get text done in Georgia font to match my previous text.

I got the font size right, but the text was way too wide.

Apparently the kerning was too big.

Then after a while of messing with it, I was able to match the text. Apparently the kerning had gotten smaller.

What gives on the Kerning change ? I wish paint.net had the ability to change the kerning.

Definitely a bug here. Wish I knew how to reproduce it.

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This plugin may help: Kerning Assistant

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The kerning differences you're seeing are probably due to Paint.NET changing the rendering engine it uses for text. It used to use GDI+ for text rendering, but semi-recently switched to DirectWrite on Windows 7 and Vista, and GDI (no +) on XP. Or something like that.


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