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Preserving Layers

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I want to save an image, but when I open the file, the layers are gone and the image is flattened.

I save it as a .pdn file, but it doesn't open, when I click on the file. Also, I try to search for 'only pdn files' from the open menu, but I can't locate the file that I just saved.

Am I doing something wrong? I want to be able to open the file and have all the layers I created still be there. It should only 'flatten' when it asks me if I want to flatten and I confirm.

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No, it is not a stupid question, but I am sorry, I wish if I can help.

Just provide some more information, like, what version of PDN you're using 3.5.8 ?

And what is your operating system? XP, Vista, Windows7...

And if that problem happens just once or every time you save a project of two or more layers with *pdn format type

I am sure one of the experts will answer you soon.

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Windows XP, v3.5.8

How do I use drop down? I used a drop down to change the extension.

EDIT: It saves the layers, but I guess that's only because the original image had '.cgi' at the end of it and saving it as pdn only added pdn onto the image name.

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You might try renaming the file to remove one of the full-stops. It's worth a shot.

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